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Expiration college training campExpiration college training camp

Expiration college training camp field day, on 09/27/2016 action workshop includes students field training third and fourth divisions and under the supervision of Dr. / girlfriend Mohammed Shokry, a group of faculty and assistants faculty members, and theoretical explanation for all what has been applied in t [ ... ]

Field training for the third and fourth band camp

Announces Executive Director of the Office of Field Training Assistant Professor / girlfriend Mohammed Shokry beginning Maskarlltdreb field for the third and fourth divisions begins tomorrow 09/25/2016 until 27/09/2016 for all departments in the college.  

Faculty of Physical Education congratulates the college studentsFaculty of Physical Education congratulates the college students

 of the new academic year and wish them Altoviconagah.
Received today approved 24.09.2016 Prof. Dr. / Maha Mahmoud Shafik dean of the faculty, and gentlemen, agents, and some of the members Altdrasn body, and the Secretary of the college, and the family of the Youth Welfare Office of college students to T [ ... ]


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